Torus Mobile


About us

Torus Mobile offers a wide range of mobile applications, including games and other fun apps!


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us! Our e-mail address can be found on Google Play, here.

Some of our apps require permissions such as internet, device storage access, camera, microphone, or other permissions that could possibly be used to collect personal data. User privacy is important to us and we do not collect or use any personal or private data. Any user data that is collected or used by our apps is annonymous and only for statistical and logistical purposes, such as total app installs, or is used by ad networks for showing relevant ads in accordance with their respective privacy policies and terms of use/service (linked below). None of the apps offered by Torus Mobile require permissions outside of what is necessary for that app to function properly, which includes the ability to show in-app advertisements in accordance with the terms of service for the respective advertisement service(s) utilized. If any user data is collected or used by any of our apps, it will be with the user's obvious consent and clearly explained in the app description and/or within the app itself. Apps from Torus Mobile may use services from one or more of the following third-parties. Click the links below to view the privacy policies or other relevant terms of use or service for each of these third-parties.

Torus Mobile Privacy Policy